Offer of Service

Offer of Service :

Offer of Service :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

Our records indicate that two years ago you purchased a bicycle for your son, [name of child] for his birthday which falls on [date].

If he is ready for a larger bicycle, you may wish to surprise him on his upcoming birthday with one of the beautiful models we presently have available in our shop which would be suitable for a young man his age.

We do offer a modest trade-in allowance and, of course, will be happy to deliver the bicycle to your home in order to keep it "under wraps" until that special day.

Give it a thought and if you feel that [name of son] would be pleased, come in to visit us at your convenience and I will show you our stock.

Offer of..... :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

Government sources have reported that the extent of thievery from goods in shipment ranges between $1.5 billion a year to $2.6 billion a year. They also confirm that 85% of the stolen goods leave by the front gate.

Most of these losses appear under the category of inventory shortages, but most experts agree that the greatest trouble spot is at the dock where the two most common techniques employed are overloading and shorting receipts. Due to these losses, industrial security has become a vital element in not only surveillance operations, but also in plant and warehouse layout activity.

While structural changes for existing buildings are generally impractical, there are simple modifications that can often be implemented that will supplement the physical and electronic surveillance systems. When laying out new plants and warehouses, security considerations can be integrated in an overall plan, without interrupting the proper flow and handling of materials with the right arrangement of equipment and operations. The simple suggestion that employee parking should not be permitted near cargo-handling operations can result in a substantial annual savings to a warehouse facility.

Our security specialists will be available to assist you in any way that will improve your firm's security. If you have been experiencing inventory shortages, give us a call at [telephone] and ask to speak with one of our security analysts who will be happy to set up an appointment with you to either inspect the existing premises or review your plans for a new structure.

We do hope that you will take advantage of our expertise in the area of industrial security.

Offer of Service

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