Outline of A Resume

Outline of A Resume :

Learning to Market Yourself

Billions of pounds each year are spent by companies advertising their products. No matter how good the product is, no matter how well it has sold previously, businesses will continue to invest in its promotion. In America, television programmes are scheduled around commercials and sporting events are delayed in order for the viewers to receive 'a message from our sponsor.

A radio programme was examining factors that contribute towards a song being successful in the charts. There were a number of factors - but the most important was simply how well the song was marketed. Whether that came through television, on-line chatter or exposure via You Tube, success wasn't simply down to the quality of the song.

That's a lesson we could all learn from. Strange as it may seem, people can also be viewed as products. When they apply for a job or sell their services, they sell their skills, experience, qualities and potential. No matter how good a product, the person is, their future success will depend to a great extent on how well they market themselves.

One of the most important marketing tools an individual can have when seeking to promote themselves is a Curriculum Vitae (CV for short) which is the Latin for THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. Let us see the outline of a resume.

Who Needs a CV Anyway?

We live in a society where change is continuous and competition is increasing. The days of full employment are long gone and whatever politicians say, they are unlikely to return. Advanced technology and emphasis on efficiency has led to a reduction in the labour force. Economic realities mean….

Many more women are being forced to return to paid employment in order to supplement their partner's wage.

Companies are recruiting fewer graduates, which means there are plenty of qualified people, but with little or no work experience.

A job for life is becoming the exception rather than the norm.

Reorganisations within companies have led to redundancies and people who have worked all their lives in one industry are now looking for alternative work for the first time.

Increasingly there are more self employed people, working on short term projects.

People must now be prepared to work on a temporary contract, without any job security.

Working practices are changing and people have to be more flexible in the hours they work. Whilst some are finding their home life is suffering due to the time spent at work, others are struggling to find even part-time employment.

These statements may seem stark, but this is reality and these are the circumstances people are finding themselves in. The CV is not a magic wand. It will not suddenly be the solution to all our problems. But for those who do find themselves affected by this economic climate or for those who simply feel it is time for a change, the CV is an important marketing tool.

Who needs a CV? : Outline of A Resume

• School/college leavers

• Graduates

• Women returners

• Careers changers

• Those made redundant

• Consultants

• Writers

When do we need a CV?

When applying for….

- Summer-Jobs

- Work placements

- Agency work

- Voluntary work

- Full and part time work

- Consultancy work

- Temporary work

- As an aid to filling in an application form

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