Photo and Recording Release of Rights

Photo and Recording Release of Rights :

Photo and Recording Release of Rights :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby consent to the photographing of myself and the recording of my voice and the use of these photographs and/or recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes. I understand that the term photograph as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage.

I further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by ___________________to reproduce and use said photographs and recordings of my voice, for use in all domestic and foreign markets. Further, I understand that others, with or without the consent of ________________ may use and/or reproduce such photographs and recordings.

I hereby release _____________________ and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

Pledge of Personal Property :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby deposits and pledges with _ [Pledgee] as collateral security to secure the payment of….

[Describe debt]

The following personal property [collateral] described as….

It is understood and agreed that…

1. Pledgee may assign or transfer said debt and the pledged collateral hereunder.

2. Pledgee shall have no liability for loss, destruction or casualty to the collateral unless caused by his own negligence.

3. The undersigned shall pay any and all insurance it elects to maintain on the pledged collateral and any personal property, excise or other tax or levy.

4. The undersigned warrants that it has good title to the pledged collateral, authority to pledge same and that it is free of any adverse lien, encumbrance or claim.

5. In the event of default of payment of the debt or breach of this pledge agreement, the Pledgee or holder shall have full rights to foreclose on the pledged collateral and exercise its rights as a secured party pursuant to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code : said rights being cumulative with any other rights the Pledgee may have against the undersigned.

Signed under seal this day (DATE)

Promissory Note on Demand :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,


FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned jointly and severally promise to pay to the order of ______________ the sum of ____________ [$______________] Dollars, together with interest of ______________% per annum on the unpaid balance. The entire unpaid principal and any accrued interest shall be immediately payable UPON DEMAND of any holder of this note.

Upon default in making payment within ______ days of demand, the undersigned agree to pay all reasonable legal fees and costs of collection to the extent permitted by state law. This note shall take effect as a sealed instrument and be enforced in accordance with the laws of the payee's state.


Photo and Recording Release of Rights

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