Pre Pharmacy Sample Interview Questions

Pre Pharmacy Sample Interview Questions :

Joining :

When asked this question, you should be truthful and state your company policy. If the prospective employer states that he would like you to join earlier, you should not agree on a date until you have checked with your present employers. If it is required that you train another person to take over from you or await a replacement or if you have an assignment to complete, you should mention this. The prospective employer will understand and often appreciate the concern you are showing to your present employer.

It is important that when you leave your present employer you leave with his goodwill. Just because you have left the job is not reason to be curt or break a relationship.

Salary :

At some point in time, you will be asked about your current remuneration and your expectation.

I. What is your current salary?

2. Why do you think we should pay you the salary you are seeking?

3. How much should we pay you?

4. Why would you change jobs for less pay?

If you have reached the point when an offer is going to be made, that's the proper time to discuss salary. Discussions of salaries and compensation should not be held until an offer is made.

Employers are shopping, trying to guess your price tag. This is one of the screening questions used to either screen in or screen out, so the response is important.

You can under-price or over-price yourself. To get the right figure is difficult. One way would be to state that you will accept whatever the company's scales are. But then you do not know what the scales are and you may end up with less than what you are getting in your current job.

. The way to proceed is by doing your homework. Find out the price for the job in the marketplace. Check out classified ads or online advertisements for similar positions. Planning and research into the organisation and market do help. Pegging yourself mentally to the right price is very important.

If you do not have enough information about this job to determine your salary, ask for the information that is needed.

Before I can discuss salary, I would like to know the reporting requirements and how many people I would be supervising. In addition, what are the skill levels and experience of my staff?

What are others in similar positions being paid?

Without knowing what benefits are offered or having and information about reviews and salary increases, it is very difficult to say what salary I will accept. Since I am earning in the range of ______________, I was hoping for a small increase but, for the right opportunity and a great organisation, I would consider, lateral move.

When you can no longer seek additional information: Based on what you have told me and exclusive of other compensational elements, I feel that the position would warrant a salary range of________.


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