Preliminaries for Starting Export Business

Preliminaries for Starting Export Business :

The first and the foremost question you as a prospective exporter has to decide is about the kind of business organisation needed for the purpose. You have to take a crucial decision as to whether the business will be run as a sole proprietary concern or a partnership firm or a company. The proper selection of organisation will depend upon

a. your ability to raise finance

b. your capacity to bear the risk

c. your desire to exercise control over the business

d. nature of regulatory framework applicable to you

  • Setting Up An Appropriate Business Organisation
  • Choosing Appropriate Mode of Operations
  • Naming The Business
  • Selecting The Product To Export
  • Making Effective Business Correspondence
  • Specimen of Introductory Letter to Importers Abroad
  • Selecting The Markets
  • Selecting Prospective Buyers
  • How to Contact Importers?
  • Selecting Channels of Distribution
  • Negotiating With Prospective Buyers
  • Processing An Export Order
  • Entering Into Export Contract
  • Specimen Contract Form for Sale and Purchase Transactions
  • Export Pricing and Costing
  • Ex-Works
  • Free Carrier
  • Free Alongside Ship
  • Free on Board
  • Cost and Freight
  • Cost Insurance Freight
  • Carriage Paid to
  • Carriage and Insurance Paid-To
  • Delivered at Frontier
  • Delivered Ex-Ship
  • Delivered Ex-Quay
  • Delivered Duty Unpaid
  • Delivered Duty Paid
  • Understanding Risks in International Trade

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