Preparing Documents under The Aligned Documentation System

Preparing Documents Under The Aligned Documentation System :

The Aligned Documentation System (ADS), based on the UN layout key, is a methodology of creating information on a set of standardized forms printed on paper of the same size and in such a way that items of identical information occupy the same position on each form.

Under this system the documents are aligned to one another in a manner that the common items of information are given the same relative slots in each of the documents. This enables to prepare one Master Document embodying the information common to all documents included in the aligned system and to zerox all the aligned documents from the same Master Document with the help of suitable masking and reproduction technique. The mask consists of a transparent polyester film with white opaque patches to blank out such information as is not required in a particular document. Separate mask is required for each document. Any information which is specific to a document can either be pre-printed or added as and when required.

For the purpose of aligned documentation system documents have been classified as Commercial Documents and Regulatory Documents.

Commercial documents are those which by customs of trade are required for effecting physical transfer of goods and their title from exporter to the importer and the realization of export sale proceeds. Out of the 16 commercial documents in the export documentation framework, as many as 14 have been standardized and aligned to one another. These are proforma invoice, commercial invoice, packing list, shipping instructions, intimation for inspection, certificate of inspection of quality control, insurance declaration, certificate of insurance, mate receipt, bill of lading / combined transport document, application for certificate of origin, certificate or origin, shipment advice and letter to the bank for Collection / Negotiation or documents. As per government indications all documents will have single common number and it would be PAN.

Regulatory preshiprnent export documents are those which have been prescribed by different Government bodies in compliance of the requirements of various rules and regulations under relevant laws governing export trade such as export inspection, foreign exchange regulation, export trade control and customs.

Out of 9 regulatory documents, four have been standardised and aligned.

These are ….

(i) shipping bill/bill of export

(ii) exchange control declaration (OR From)

(iii) export application dock challan / port trust copy of shipping bill

(iv) receipt for payment of port charges

Following points must be noted carefully while preparing the export documents under the new system.

The export documents shall be prepared on pre-printed forms available in the market and / or provided by the concerned authority. Pre-printed shipping bills will be provided by Freight Forwarders / Customs House Agents.

The documents must only be typewritten to ensure clarity and legibility.

The new system is amenable to photocopy and computerisation. Photocopy can be done by using the Master Document-l or the appropriate Master Document-II as the case may be. However, use of a photocopier is not a must. Documents can also be prepared manually. In that case, the exporters shall not get the benefits of Aligned Documentation System.

The documents can also be prepared with the help of a computer. Software package has been developed by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade - New Delhi and National Inforrnatic Centre - New Delhi. However, the sizes and layout of each form shall be strictly as prescribed.

The exporters will have to strictly adhere to the prescribed size, layout and box-wise space.

Expoters who do not have access to computer or photocopier can type out the relevant data in the appropriate boxes.

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