Preparing for Interviews

Preparing for Interviews :

How you move in your clothing and how you wear it are crucial. People focus on clothes when they think of an image. As we mentioned earlier, 55% of first impressions and 75% of hiring decisions are based on the applicant’s appearance. If you are inappropriately dressed, you are unlikely to be hire. Inconsistencies in an otherwise professional appearance, such oumpled clothes or unpolished shoes send negative messages.

Who want to rise up the corporate ladder will need to communicate this through their appearance also. Many people believe that they always look wonderful in designer clothes. This is not true. In order to look wonderful, the clothes should fit you. The colour and cut should complement you. It the clothes fit well and you are comfortable you will look more confident and appear more professional. I know of young man who is not affluent and could not afford an expensive suit. He was able to persuade a tailor to stitch him a suit (with material) for Rs 3,000. The tailor did a great job and it looked as good as a designer suit. It also fit the young man beautifully. Clothes not only add to the way we look, they are how we look. The way we look to others depends on what we wear and how we wear it. Manners and speech are noted afterwards and character last of all.

Very often you are judged even before you speak by the way you dress and conduct yourself. Conclusions on your ability, competence and dependability are often based on your clothes. At an interview the product is YOU. You are selling yourself and therefore it is important you put your best foot forward. The impression that you would want to give is that you are professional, competent, sensible, open and approachable. Your clothes must convey this. They must be immaculate, well-dressed and spotless with no threads hanging. There should be no dandruff.

You must always remember that the way in which you dress sends a very powerful message. It sends a message of your status position, personality and success. It will, to a great extent, determine how you are treated. Therefore, choose your wardrobe with care.

When you dress, you must concentrate on every aspect, from your coat/shirt to your shoes. When you walk into a room, people will be looking at you in totality - not just your trousers or your coat. Therefore, when you dress you must look at all aspects. I remember once being told by a very well-known person when I was a student in England: “Irrespective of how well a person is dressed, always look at his shoes. If they are not polished, forget him. He is not worth knowing."

What should you wear?

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  • Related Links : Preparing for Interviews