Preshipment Finance

Preshipment Finance :

An application for pre-shipment advance should be made by you to your banker along with the following documents.

I. Confirmed export order / contract or LlC etc. in original. Where it is not available, an undertaking to the effect that the same will be produced to the Bank within a reasonable time for verification and endorsement should he given.

2. An undertaking that the advance will be utiliscd for the specific purpose of procuring / manutacturing / shipping etc., of the goods meant for export only as stated in the relative confirmed export order or the LOC.

3. If you are a sub-supplier and want to supply the goods to the Export / Trading / Star Trading House or Merchant Exporter, an undertaking from the Merchant Exporter or Export / Trading / Star Trading House stating that they have not / will not avail themselves of packing credit facility against the same transaction for the same purpose till the original packing credit is liquidated.

4 Copies of income Tax / Wealth Tax Assessment Order for the last 2 / 3 years in the case of sole proprietory and partnership firm

5. Copy of Exporters Code Number

6. Copy of a valid RCMC (Registration-cum-Membership Certificate) held by you and / or the Export / Trading / Star Trading House Certificate.

7. Appropriate policy / guarantee of tile ECUe.

8. Any other document required by the Bank

I Following special schemes are also available in respect of preshipment finance :

1. Exim Bank's Scheme for grant of foreign currency preshipment credit to exporters for financing cost of imported inputs for manufacture of export products

2. Scheme of export packing credit to sub-suppliers from export order

3. Packing credit for deemed exports

4. Preshipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

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