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Professional Resume Writing Services : Depending on where you are coming from this may not be as great an issue as it appears on the surface.

Although anyone can learn to develop an effective resume, it can also be helpful to consult those who specialize in the career search process. In this spirit, the following are common resume and cover letter questions posed to career counselors and other experts and their responses. We have chosen to answer only one or two questions, at the same time have weighed in on a number of topics, providing a variety of helpful tips and advice.

In considering the advice provided, keep in mind that there is room for different approaches to resume development depending on your work and education experiences as well as the career path you are pursuing. In fact, even the experts sometimes disagree about the finer points of writing effective resumes. This is an indicator that some flexibility in constructing a resume is possible and should set you at ease in building your own outstanding resume.

Good luck in your job search!

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What should I do if I have limited work experience? Depending on where you are coming from this may not be as great an issue as it appears on the surface.

For example, if you are a recent college graduate you may not be expected to have a rich chronological resume since you would be a candidate for an entry professional position, perhaps in administration, marketing, development or at the specialist level in software development and so on. Academic record, skill sets, lower status needs and good communication skills may be the more relevant. On the other hand, should you be five to ten years out of college and having done a MY THING EXPERIENCE, then limited work experience would be a major issue for most salaried / professionallevel positions.

In any case the way of handling the limited experience issue on the resume is to present yourself in the WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU format. In the Objective section of the document citing a specific target occupation and role is most desirable. Next, a heading of Qualifications may work.

Proven performance in relating to all levels of work force up to professional level

Strong technical skills including Word, Excel, etc…

Verbal and business writing skills including correspondence, reports and presentations

Quantitative skills including bookkeeping, ratios, and statistics

Personal qualities : self-starter, multitask, dependable and affable team player

For a recent college graduate the school and sampling of courses relevant to the position would follow next. With limited experience the next section should be titled Experience and not Work History. This section may be chronological or grouped by categories. Under each experience, bullet accomplishments.

The other option would be to go with a straight functional resume. You may highlight in bullet fashion under your personal identification how you would like to be perceived by the reader.

• visual artist

• graphics

• multiple software

• merchandising

This may be followed by several (three at most) categories with accomplishments in bullet form such as :

This is to be followed by the work history. Attention in this resume is drawn to skills.

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