Promissory Note with Guarantee

Promissory Note with Guarantee :

Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned jointly and severally promise to pay to the order of ______ the sum of ______ [$______] Dollars in [______] consecutive, monthly payments of $______ each, beginning one month from date hereof and thereafter on the same date of each subsequent month until paid in full. Any unpaid balance may be paid at any time without penalty and any unearned finance charges will be refunded based on the Rule of 78's. In the event the undersigned defaults in any payment beyond _____ days from the due date, the entire balance may be due at the option of the holder.

1. Proceeds : $

2. Other charges [itemize] : $

3. Amount financed [1+2] : $

4. Total of payments : $

5. Annual Percentage Rate : %

Promissory Note with Guarantee :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned jointly and severally promise to pay to the order of ____________ the sum of _____ [$_________] Dollars with interest thereon at the rate of ______ % per annum on the unpaid balance.

Said sum shall be payable in the manner following.




The undersigned shall have the right to prepay without penalty. In the event any payment due hereunder is not made when due, the entire balance shall be immediately due at the option of any holder.

In the event of default, the undersigned agree to pay all reasonable attorney fees and cost of collection.

Each maker, surety, guarantor or endorser of this note waives presentation of payment, notice of non-payment, protest and notice of protest and agrees to all extensions, renewals or release, discharge or exchange of any other party or collateral without notice.

Property Improvement Contract :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

We hereby propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary for the completion of [work description] of the following specifications.

One No. 1000 lb. galvanized davit installed on seawall Four-way lifting bridle.

Three 2"x8" wood fenders anchored to the wall with 5' rubber bumper strip on each.

This work is to be performed on Lot_____Blk________Sub. Div.____ for [name of owner], Owner, in accordance with the drawings and specifications submitted for the above work. The total cost including state tax is [amount].

Payments to be made as follows : the sum of [amount] to be paid upon the approval of this contract and the balance of [amount] upon the completion of the work.

Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra cost of material or labor will only be executed upon written orders for same and will become an extra charge over the sum mentioned in this contract.

All agreements must be made in writing. Property lines shall be designated by substantial marks, by owner or his certified engineer. The contractors shall not be liable, as regards to the completion of the work, for any delay which may be caused by reason or on account of any strike of workmanship, any Act of God, unavoidable accidents, inability to secure materials or to use materials in the performance of the work by reason of laws or regulations of the United States of America or the State of [state] or any other circumstance beyond their control, other than the want of funds. No such delay shall be deemed a default on the part of the contractors, and, in the event of any such delay, the contractor's time limit for performance of the work shall be correspondingly extended.

Workmen's Compensation and Public Liability Insurance on the above work shall be provided by the Contractor.

This Contract shall be deemed null and void if not signed within thirty days.

Respectfully submitted….




Promissory Note with Guarantee

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