Questions in Interview

Questions in Interview :

Jeans and a sloppy blouse should never be worn for an interview. Trousers are still not acceptable attire for women attending interviews. Clothes should be ideally in dark colours such as deep blue, black or green.

Avoid bright reds, purples, shocking pinks, yellows and bright colours. Although they look good, avoid pastels as they are perceived as weak, extremely feminine and not business-oriented. Choose stronger colours or neutrals for work. Avoid flashy colours and bold prints. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

The clothes you wear for the interview must fit in a business environment. It must also project your personality and be fashionable. It is not necessary to be trendy. But you must, through your clothes and accessories, let people know that you know what is current. I remember when in England an Indian lady went to an employment agency to be placed. The first thing she was told was that she should wear a business suit (coat, shirt and skirt) for the interview and not pants or other more casual clothes. She listened to the advice and got the job.

The colours of your clothes should match and coordinate with other garments and accessories. You must remember that the clothes you wear determine the way people perceive you. You shouldn’t wear revealing clothes. That may be appropriate in a nightclub, but not in an office. You should also be wary of very tight clothes, plunging necklines and very short skirts. They may send the wrong message.

You should always choose and wear good hosiery. With regard to shoes/sandals, wear the best you can afford. Ensure that you can walk well in them and they are hard w'earing. The shoes must complement your attire. Avoid wearing shoes with very high heels as they could cause difficulty while walking in to meet the interviewers. Shoes tell your secrets. They are the strongest indicators of your socio-economic status. For business wear, shoe styles must be closed-toe and closed-heel and they must be in mint condition. Nicked heels, scruffy toes or unpolished footwear scream failure. Naked feet (and/or bare legs) do not command respect in a business environment. Save that look for your social time.

Accessories can add interest to the image. These should be to enhance the image and not for the sake of wearing them. Jewellery should be subtle to customise and feminize the clothes.

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