Recruitment Interview

Recruitment Interview :

Do you wonder that despite a good resume why you have not landed a good job?

Most likely the problem lies with you and not with your resume. It’s not always that your resume gets you a dream job. It also depends how well you manage the interview part, especially the tough and tricky questions.

1. Do not blame others.

There are many tough questions that put pressures on you or create stress. What if you are asked "Why did you leave your last job? Why have you had so many jobs?”

If you say your last boss was an idiot or all your jobs have been terrible, you’ll be seen as someone who blames others and fails to take responsibilities for your own actions and decisions.

Moreover why would employers want to employ someone who doesn’t take responsibility and come up with answers, not problems? Employers don’t want to employ people who blame others. Always express positive reasons and answers when given an opportunity to express the negative. Never blame anyone or anything else.

2. Sell yourself.

Remember, the job interview is a platform to market yourself. It is a strategic conversation with a purpose. Your goal is to persuade the employer that you have the skills, background and ability to do the job and that you can comfortably fit into the organisation and its culture.

3. Keep your praise & observations credible & realistic.

The best technique to handle such question is to praise your past employers. However, keep your praise and observations credible, realistic and relevant. Try to mention attributes that your interviewer and prospective new employ er will identify and agree with. This will build association and commonality between you and the interviewer which is normally vital for successful interview outcomes…. explains Lightfoot.

However, there can be real tough ones.

Why should we appoint you?

What can you do for us that other people cannot?

Nevertheless, Shiv Khera author of bestseller YOU CAN WIN explains that candidate has a choice here as to how to play this. He can either go for it strongly, re-stating his relevant strengths - behaviour, experience and skills or he can quietly confidently suggest that I don’t know the other applicants, so it would be wrong for me to dismiss their claims. However, I am sure that I have all the main attributes the role requires, which, combined with determination and positive approach, should ensure that I’d be a very good choice.

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  • Related Links : Recruitment Interview