References in Cover Letter

References in Cover Letter :

Often a job listing asks for one or more letters of recommendation or for references. The following suggestions will help you request a reference from anyone.

Choose a person who knows your abilities. Ask people ahead of time if you may use them as references or if they will write a letter of recommendation.

If possible, make an appointment to ask the person to write the letter of recommendation. Allow ten to fourteen days for the completion of the letter.

If it is not possible to meet with the person, telephone to ask permission to use him or her as a reference, and follow up with a letter.

Give the person a stamped envelope addressed to the employer, a copy of the job listing, a statement about your strengths and skills, and a copy of your resume.

Write a short thank-you note to each person who helped you.

Now that you've carefully prepared them, you should make a great impression with the strong, straightforward resume and personalized cover letter you have just created.

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