Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter :

So you want to resign, to do it right, you should draft up a resignation letter to your direct boss and have a meeting with him/her to give them the letter. The letter should be brief, positive and straightforward.

State in the resignation letter that you have elected to accept another offer of employment and will be leaving your current job. Your particular circumstances will dictate whether you wish to state the name of your new company. Be sure to mention that your time with the company has been rewarding and fruitful. You might make a comment about how proud you are to have worked with the firm and how enjoyable the years you spent with the firm were.

Do not give specific reasons for leaving. State that you have decided to move because of a career opportunity that is too good to pass up.

This resignation letter will be kept on file in the human resources department. At some time in the future, this may be the only record of your resignation. Therefore, keep it positive and to the point.

Remember, the company and its employees could potentially play a role in your career or job search in the future. It is a very small world. Never burn bridges.

Here is a Sample Resignation Letter.


Dear Mr. John Smith,

As required by my contract of employment, I hereby give you 2 Months' notice of my intention to leave my position as an Alligator Wrangler with ACME Crocs Inc.

I have decided that it is time to move on and I have accepted a position elsewhere. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the experience I have gained and the support given. I wish you and the company well in all business ventures.

Yours sincerely,


Resignation Letter

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