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Response Letters :


When you can provide what the writer has asked for, you are bringing GOOD NEWS in your response. The body of a YES response letter should acknowledge the request and include an exception to the request. Remember that as well as responding to the letter, you are trying to sell your company’s services at some time in the future. The body of the request letter above indicates that the company will not gain any money or fees from this group (it will, in fact, cost them between ten and twenty dollars for the package they will send), but they are hoping that someone associated with the group will, at some time in the future, remember the favour they did and use them again for booking fares that will generate some income.

We are pleased that you chose to contact Lorimar Travel for your tour needs. We have a long history of organizing events for small to medium sized groups. We are waiting for the yearly Travel Alberta Guide to be delivered to us, so we will mail that to you in a separate envelope before the end of next week.

In addition, we have compiled a list of local service clubs who have provided billeting in the homes of their members over the past three years for groups like yours. The cost per night was $10 per person and includes breakfast and a packed lunch. If you wish more information, you may contact Mack Fergus at (304) 223-9988 in Lethbridge.

We hope that your trip turns out well and that your group discovers just how wonderful Alberta really is during your stay here. If we may be of any further help, please call us at 1-800-667-9988. Thank you for using Lorimar Travel.

Answering YES is relatively easy. Answering NO without making the recipient feel badly or angry takes a little more thought. Because you are delivering BAD NEWS, it is best to do it indirectly. If there is any good news at all, it should come first.

Thank you for consulting Lorimar Travel. I have referred your request for financial assistance to Marvin Chambers, president of the local Lions Club, because they have often helped groups like yours in the past.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs we no longer provide brochures and other travel material through the mail. We would however be pleased to send you a fully personalized package of information, specific to your needs, at a cost of $19.95. If you are interested in this package, please send me a cheque or Visa number, and we will courier it to you within two days.

May I suggest that you contact the Alberta Government Tourism Office? They will send you an excellent general tour guide and map at no cost. Thank you for contacting us. We hope that we may be of service to you in the future.

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