Resume Cover Letter Example

Resume Cover Letter Example : If your type size is too large, you'll limit what you can fit on a page - too small and the page becomes cluttered and hard to read.

Although anyone can learn to develop an effective resume, it can also be helpful to consult those who specialize in the career search process. In this spirit, the following are common resume and cover letter questions posed to career counselors and other experts and their responses. We have chosen to answer only one or two questions, at the same time have weighed in on a number of topics, providing a variety of helpful tips and advice.

In considering the advice provided, keep in mind that there is room for different approaches to resume development depending on your work and education experiences as well as the career path you are pursuing. In fact, even the experts sometimes disagree about the finer points of writing effective resumes. This is an indicator that some flexibility in constructing a resume is possible and should set you at ease in building your own outstanding resume.

Good luck in your job search!

What items should never be listed on a resume?

Personal information relating to physical characteristics, marital status, age, sex or religious affiliation has no place on a resume. Anything that does not relate to your talent and experience only takes up valuable space and possibly lessens your chances of getting in front of the interviewer.

How important is the selection of font size and style for use in a resume?

Your resume is first and foremost a personal marketing piece. And here, perception is very definitely reality. The feel and look of your resume is vital.

For example, using a cursive font style or italics is just not appropriate. It’s not professional and it's not easy to read. Times Roman and Arial are among commonly accepted typefaces. A lot of this is just plain common sense. If your type size is too large, you'll limit what you can fit on a page - too small and the page becomes cluttered and hard to read.

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