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Resume Cover Letter Sample : You should list names of references with position title, company address and phone number and E-mail on a separate page.

Should I list references on my resume or just note that they're available on request? : Resume Cover Letter Sample

Neither. It's always implied that references are available upon request, so unless it's specifically requested, don't take up space with reference names or an unnecessary statement on your resume. It's OK on some occasions to include a separate reference page, though.

You should list names of references with position title, company address and phone number and E-mail on a separate page. In addition, it is helpful to have kudos in writing from your references. The letter or E-mail from your references should be written directly to you, not TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN so it looks like a thank-you to you for a job well done and emphasizes your skills and accomplishments. When looking for work, the more marketing materials you have to use for follow-ups, the better!

Never list references on a resume, but have a printed list available, including job titles and contact information. If possible, references should not be given out prior to an interview so that you will have the chance to prepare them for questions that a prospective employer might ask. Always contact references before using them and follow up when you feel they may be contacted to provide specific information concerning a position and your relevant skills. Additionally, providing references with a copy of your resume may help them to promote you better.

The names and contact information for your references should be listed on a separate page, not on the resume itself. Recent graduates must generally list at least one professor or teaching assistant and everyone should list at least one current or past supervisor. Three to five references are sufficient. You might consider listing your references in the order you want them to be called.

References do not belong on resumes. Prepare a reference sheet on a separate sheet of paper to submit with your resume. Think of your paperwork as your marketing packet -include a cover letter, resume and reference sheet in the packet. Match the heading of the reference sheet to that of your resume and cover letter. All of the documents should look professional and be free of errors.

The reference sheet should include your name and address heading, as well as three to five blocks of contact information for your references. The contact information necessary for your references should include the individual's name, official title, address information and phone numbers. You may want to include an additional line of text with an asterisk and identify how you know the reference, for example former supervisor, college professor and so on. You should be prepared to submit the information for three to five references.

Outstanding references are very important. You need to select individuals who support you and your career goals. The best reference is somebody who works in and has excelled in the same type of career path that you are interested in pursuing. It is critical to select a person who knows your background, skills and value. References can be the final determining factor between you and somebody else getting the job offer.

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