Resume Cover Letter Samples

Resume Cover Letter Samples :

Anthony wants to advance his current career in finance.

Because you are a seasoned professional, there is no need for me to tell you what it takes to be a finance manager. Let me tell you, instead, why I am ready to take on that responsibility. Of primary importance is the ability to access the information I need and analyze its implications for my projeers. In addition, I have a track record of making timely decisions that incorporate the needs of other ftmctional areas such as marketing and production. While I have not managed a large staff per se, I have demonstrated excellent interpersonal and motivational skills.

Jeannette - a graduating senior with a business major

"I know that you are looking for people of exceptional ability, so let me tell you about the skills I can bring to Yum-Yum Cereals.

Business experience : gained through two internships, one with a consumer food products company - Delicious Treat

Analytical ability : developed and honed through business courses

Leadership ability: demonstrated by my role in student government and my sorority

Time management : proven by obtaining high grades while working 20 hours a week.

David - a graduating liberal arts major

"Let me tell you how my education and work experience have given me the tools I need to make a clear contrihution to your firm from the very beginning. First, I have shown that I am an innovative doer who can think out of the box. My work as supervisor will readily attest to that. Second, I have a strong work ethic. I self-financed 80 percent of my total college costs through work and loans. Third, I am a team player in class projects, on the job and in intramural sports.

Where are we now?

We have seen how the Job Search Club drew on previous research to identify positive characteristics the employer would need. 'The JSC members learned why the "why you should interview me" paragraph is so important and how to think ahout what to include in it. You saw different second-paragraph texts with some comments on each.

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