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Resume Cover Letter Samples : Skills, Use in the Profession and our examples of demonstration and achievements are given against each one.

Skills, Use in the Profession and our examples of demonstration and achievements are given against each one.

Advising :

Advise management about ways to improve public's view of company's products. Advise management about potential market for new products.

Advised freshman on how to survive first year at Emeritus

Supervisory :

Supervise interviewers, editors and coders involved in research project. Make sure that answers to survey questions are accurately recorded.

Supervised junior counselors at overnight camp

Making Presentations :

Use statistics, graphs and tables to present results of consumer opinion poll to company management. Present set of recommendations to improve product image among consumers.

Praised by professors for both content & delivery of classroom presentations. Presented plan to abolish poverty to the student senate.

Writing :

Phrase survey questions clearly and coherently. Select set of questions to find out whether company's advertisement is successful in reaching consumers. Write detailed report on findings of research project.

Wrote recommendations to improve customer service after a summer job Wrote both brief & extended term papers

Keeping records - cataloging :

Code answers to consumer opinion survey to make them conform to established measure. Keep file of statistical and behavioral data on consumer buying pattern.

This one is tougher. May be I could mention my recordkeeping of facts I used in term papers.

Gathering information and conducting research :

Determine potential sales volume in geographical area on request of company's marketing executives. Collect and study data on competition's pricing policies, distribution techniques and buying incentives.

I've done tons of research for college, but maybe a better example could be drawn from my research for the Stop Pollution committee.

Making Diagrams :

Prepare diagrams to illustrate presentation to company management. Plot consumers' responses on diagram. Plot growth of product's sales against consumers' income brackets.

Drew diagrams indicating budget sources - voting patterns.

Analyzing, Interpreting, Evaluating :

Evaluate effectiveness of company's advertising campaign. Conduct survey designed to find reasons behind recent plunge of product's sales figures; spot trends in consumer buying habits.

Analyzed data on voting patterns among vegetarians. Interpreted results as indicating GIVE ME YOUR BEEF was a poor slogan for this group. Evaluated alternative approaches.

Analyzing Numerical Data :

Study statistical data to find correlation between family income and demand for company's product. Analyze results of survey to forecast consumers' response to company's new product. Evaluate statistical significance of responses to questionnaire.

I'm not a math whiz, but I have analyzed data in both sociology & political science classes. Actually, given the importance of demographics to market research, these classes might be a good context for an example.

Working with computers :

Use electronic data processing equipment to process and analyze information obtained in telephone interviews. Use statistical software packages to perform multivariate regression analysis on results of consumer polls.

I've used some packages, but I can't really program.

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