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An experienced worker about to be downsized out of a job

"I am certain that the talent 1 have shown throughout my corporate experience would make me an asset to your firm.

Client relations : I respond to client needs, not just to complaints. Clients have praised both the substance and style of what I do for them.

Efficiency : Recognizing that customer service helps keep a business profitable, I trained my staff to respond to customer inquiries quickly and thoroughly.

Product knowledge : I have mastered more than 60 new product introductions with only a few days' lead-time.

Flexibility : 1 have adapted to the changing work environment resulting from new clients, new products and new management n

He needs to show success in his old job and assuage any doubt about his ability to adapt to a new one. By mentioning client relations and efficiency, he has described the essence of her past success. The examples given for production knowledge and flexibility indicate the ability to adapt to new situations. When writing to a specific employer, he could make her paragraph stronger. He should draw parallels between her past experience and the requirements of a potential employer in areas like customer service, type of clients or product categories.

One more sample paragraph

Let's take a look at sample second paragraphs written by other members of the Job Search Club.

Lauren wants to move from the corporate to the nonprofit sector.

A Non-Profit Monthly recently noted three important criteria for professionals who want to make a difference through a nonprofit career. The first is organization, a skill I have developed with my current and previous employers. The second is commitment to a larger purpose which my seven years of school board service readily demonstrate. The third is a sensitivity to a variety of external constituents, a talent exhibited through my experience in marketing.

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