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Resume Cover Page : In order to do so, we must be positive in our attitude and remember there are always two ways of looking at things.


Looking for work or seeking to gain new business is not easy. As we have seen, in many ways it is important to see yourself as a salesperson and one thing salespeople have to get used to is rejection.

You are now in a position to write a winning CV that presents you in the best and most appropriate light. Yet despite this, you are still likely to face rejection. When this happens self esteem can take a knock and it soon becomes easy to give up. Remember though, the only difference between winners and losers is this….

Winners and losers both get knocked down. But only losers stay down.

Attitude will play a vital part in your success, specifically in relation to

How you see yourself

How you see your future?

This book has given you insights into yourself by helping you to…

• identify your skills

• highlight your achievements

• market yourself through your CV

As we have discussed, the world of work is changing and we must be prepared to do the same. In order to do so, we must be positive in our attitude and remember there are always two ways of looking at things.

Negative thinking

1 in 10 people are out of work.

I am fast approaching 40.

I've had a number of jobs.

I have only worked for one company. I failed at my interview.

Positive thinking

9 out of 10 are in work.

I have another 25 years to offer an employer.

I've gained valuable experience in a variety of positions.

I've demonstrated a successful track record. I am reliable and dependable and not a job hopper.

I gained valuable experience which will help me in the future.

How we think will determine how we act as will our belief about ourselves and our future.

A negative attitude can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy and so can a positive one.

BELIEF : There are no jobs, I am too old, what else can I do, I've only ever been a….

OUTCOME : Couch potato syndrome - what's the point - I'll only fail.

ATTITUDE : is negative and affects whatever application you make, you expect you will fail.

ACTION : This remains minimal as you lack motivation. Every setback confirms your opinions.

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