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Resume Cover Sheet : Fewer jobs have led to fierce competition, particularly amongst school leavers and graduates.

Putting your CV to work : Resume Cover Sheet

It is not enough to simply be positive. Being positive alone will not lead to success. We must take action…

Positive attitude …..Action….end result

Many have found using a personal action plan helpful. It helps in the following ways.

It focuses your attention.

It helps organize your activity.

It acts as a record.

It provides discipline and structure.

You can devise your own plan which should include.

People to people contact

Research to undertake

Letters to write

Places to visit

Follow up of previous action

Telephone calls to make

It is important not just to have a winning CV. But to put it to work to your advantage….an action plan would normally include.

What I am going to do…

How I am going to do it…

When I am going to do it by…

ADAPTING TO THE CHANGING TIMES The world of work has dramatically changed over the last 15 years. The two main contributing factors are…

recession of the early 1990s plus the financial global crisis in 2008

Technological advances

The recession of the early 1990s led to the following…

Companies are less willing to commit themselves to offering permanent jobs. This has resulted in an increase in

- Temporary work (recruiting through agencies)

- fixed term contracts

- Part-time work

- work being contracted out to consultants.

• Organisations were forced to examine their company structures in order to become more competitive. This has led to a move away from hierarchical organisations to ones of a flatter nature.

Technological advances

These have also meant fewer people are now required to do the work and as communication has advanced, people are increasingly likely to work from home.

How this affects you…

• You may have been a victim of the company reorganisation and that is why you are reading this!

• Technological advances may have meant your skills were obsolete and your services were not required.

• Your company may still have required your services, but as a contractor and not as an employee, therefore forcing you into self-employment.

• Because there are fewer layers to climb within an organisation, you may be seeking fresh challenges elsewhere in order to advance your career.

• Fewer jobs have led to fierce competition, particularly amongst school leavers and graduates.

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