Resume Format for Freshers

Resume Format for Freshers :

I see what you mean. When we draw facts from one of our charts, may have to amend the wording to find the appropriate tone for our letter. How about the second sentence?

I was thinking of David's research. He noted that Pepsico is much more than Pepsi, even more than sodas in general. It's important for us to make sure that we don't incorrectly identify the firm's industry or identify just a part of it when it is involved.

That is a valid point, Lauren. However, in this case, Drinkco produces only beverages, so the statement "the beverage industry appeals to me" sense. If I were writing to Pepsico, I could make reference to my interest in their beverage division. My opening paragraph should specify the beverage division. On the other hand, if I meant the whole company, I might say "consumer food industry:

What would you do if a fact that applies to the industry as a whole does not apply to Drinkco? For example, what if Drinkco has a product they have marketing for years with no plans to introduce a new product?

There are several possibilities. One, I could leave the sentence alone. Competition for market share exists whether a particular firm is a major player or not, For example, somebody is trying to displace Drinkco with a similar or an alternative beverage appealing to the same consumers. Second, I could drop the clause about "new products" if that doesn't apply to Drinkco. Third, I could the whole sentence if I know that Drinkco is not typical of its mdustry. Personally, I would go with the second choice since it shows knowledge of of industry without implying something inaccurate.

Let me push this a little further. What if Drinkco is perfectly happy with market share and doesn't engage in "fierce competition."

If they are not competing for market share (or new markets), they need a market researcher anyway. I chose to mention "fierce competition" that's what makes a market researcher so valuable. Still, in the case you mentioned I should consider eliminating the phrase about competition, or at least toning it down.

He has made a number of good points in this dialogue. It is careful to take information from your inventories that are accurate and relevant to the situation at hand.

What you know about the firm may affect what you say about your interest in the industry and vice versa.

Write based on the best knowledge available to you at the time.

It makes sense to choose a statement about the industry that is particularly relevant to the field you want to enter.

Let me share with you other draft paragraphs and summarize the comments were made about them:

This draft reads smoothly, but he needs to be careful about the content. If you describe a work environment, make sure you are accurate. If David a reliable source for referring to "fast-paced" and "creative," it makes sense to those terms. But don't use words just because they sound good. If the working environment at Sundance is slow and methodical, David's sentence would reveal he doesn't understand the firm.

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