Resume Guidelines

Resume Guidelines : Below are some examples of leisure interests and the beneficial insights that may be drawn from them. Remember - as far as possible, the emphasis in a CV is always on selling yourself.

What do they say about you?

Not all interests can be seen as having a definite benefit linked to them. However, you will find the following exercise useful to complete. Consider what impressions the reader is likely to gain from your interests.

Interests and their benefits :

Swimming : This person keeps fit.

Fishing club treasurer : They can be trusted and are able to accept responsibility.

Using computers : With the importance of information technology at work, this is always useful.

Socialising with friends : This person is likely to be a team player as opposed to a loner.


Where this section should appear on your CV is examined. But what should be included? This is up to you - remember there is no perfect way of presenting your CV. It is your personal sales brochure, so you decide.

Here are some guidelines.

Essential to include

• Name

• Address

• Telephone number

Probably include

• Marital status

• Date of birth

Optional to include

• State of health

• Number and ages of children

• Nationality

A lot of things can be read into your personal circumstances which may or may not be to your advantage, depending on the attitude of the reader.

For example : Resume Guidelines

Married with children - Probably lives in a stable environment - Needs to work to provide for family

Divorced no children - No ties. Likely to be flexible and mobile - Can commit themselves fully to the job.

So rather than worry about what to include and the impression the may be created, keep this section brief and expand on any issues the interview if need be.

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