Resume Objective Examples

Resume Objective Examples : So far, we have been analysing why it is so important to sell yourself. We have examined how to identify your skills and achievements and what information to include on your CV. This page concentrates on how to present this to the reader.

There is more than One Way to Present Yourself.


There are three main styles of CV.

I The chronological cv

2 The functional CV

3 The targeted cv

Each one has its strengths and which style you use will depend on….

What you have already done

What you intend to do

It may well be appropriate for you to have more than one version of your CV (in most cases it is) and to present yourself using different styles. Let's examine each one in more detail.

The chronological CV : Resume Objective Examples

This style of CV presents your career history in chronological sequence, starting with your most recent job first. This style is useful when….

Your career history shows natural progression and growth.

You're staying in the same field of work.

You have worked for well known companies with good reputations.

Your previous job titles are impressive.

You're aiming to work in a traditional field, eg government or education, when where you worked or studied is important.

Your last or current position should include more information about your duties, skills and achievements than previous ones. In most cases, the less recent your job, the less information you will include.

Remember, when writing about your work, only include….

The main highlights

What you achieved (not just what you did)

The skills you developed

Facts and figures that help sell you (eg managed a team of 14 staff, working to a budget of £250k).

So if your career to date emphasises continuity and progression and you have worked for well known employers, this style may well be best for you.

The functional CV : Resume Objective Examples

This style of CV highlights your main skills and strengths and does not place so much emphasis on who you worked for and what your job title was. The functional CV offers greater flexibility on how you present yourself than a chronological CV .

This style is useful when….

You want to emphasise skills and strengths not necessarily acquired through paid employment.

Your career to date consists of a number of jobs, most of which are unconnected.

You want to change careers and therefore your present position may be of no relevance to your future ambitions.

You want to emphasise skills and achievements from previous work experience which were not required in your most recent position.

You are entering the jobs market after a break or for the first time.

Most of your work has been freelance or you have worked on a number of temporary assignments.

You are self employed and want to present to clients the range of areas in which you have experience.

You have had a number of job titles, but the work has been basically the same.

Using this style avoids endless repetition of the same information.

This style can be used when sending your CV on a speculative basis, as it gives a brief overview of the range of your skills, rather than simply emphasising what you have done in your most recent position. For this reason it is also useful when contacting agencies who may wish to consider you for a number of positions.

The targeted CV : Resume Objective Examples

This style of CV, as the title suggests, is best to use when you are aiming for one specific type of job. As such, the CV can only be written with the job in mind. Although much of the content of the CV may be the same as used in the previous styles, this one will be tailored accordingly. Greater emphasis will be given to detail that relates specifically to the job in question.

A targeted CV can be a combination of functional and chronological CVs. However, all detail included will be written with a clear objective in mind, as opposed to a general overview.

This style is useful when…

You have a specific job to go for, or are responding to a particular job advert.

You want to emphasise skills and achievements, not necessarily acquired in your most recent work, or which were obtained outside paid employment.

Adopting this style will, by its nature, mean you are likely to have a number of versions of your CV which you adapt accordingly.

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