Resume Objectives

Resume Objectives : The average length of time spent by someone reading your CV is a staggering 20-30 seconds! The reader will quite often simply skim through your CV in order to decide what happens next. One of three things may happen…

The reader will contact you to find out more.

Your details will be kept on file.

Your CV will be binned and you may or may not receive an acknowledgement.


There are many reasons why your CV may not lead to an interview / meeting. These include.

The CV was never read by the intended person.

The CV was too long and boring and therefore was not read.

The CV was irrelevant to the reader's needs.

The CV was poorly presented on cheap paper, included spelling mistakes and therefore did not deserve a positive reply.

The CV was difficult to follow because of poor layout and the reader lost interest.

Your CV arrived too late to be considered.

The reader found your CV interesting but did not envisage any openings.

Due to the volume of applicants your CV was never read.

To know your Resume Objectives, Review the list and write down the reasons for rejection which we do not have control over.

I believe that in the list outlined there are only two reasons why our CV is rejected that are beyond our control.

The reader found your CV interesting but did not envisage any openings.

Due to the volume of applicants, your CV was never read.

We will see how positive action can counter the other reasons.


If we have such a short time to hold the reader's attention, we need to make an immediate impact. As CV styles have developed, it ha's become increasingly common to include a profile.

A profile is your banner headline - a summary of your main selling points.

Its aim is to….

Give a brief overview of who you are.

Highlight your main skills and experience.

Communicate personal attributes.

Motivate the reader to know more.

A profile sets the tone for the rest of the CV and helps precondition the reader.

An effective profile : Resume Objectives

There are no set rules about the length of a profile, but in order to meet the above aims, I suggest it should consist of between 30-50 words.

For example, you may see a job as a sales person which interests you. Your work to date has been in a bank. But you now want to make a change. The first part of your profile reads…

A experienced bank official fully conversant with banking operations and procedures .. .

You have already pigeon-holed yourself into one profession, one that seems to have no relevance to selling. However, if the first part d of your profile read….

An articulate and persuasive individual, who relishes challenges and working under pressure...

You are using words that are relevant to the position applied for.

So the first few words of your profile are likely to determine whether the reader takes any more interest in your cv.

, A profile must….

• be relevant.

• be adapted accordingly.

• contain positive statements that sell you.

Remember first impressions count.

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