Resume References

Resume References : You may be able to include a well respected and well known individual who would impress the reader.

Resume References

The inclusion of references is optional.


You may be able to include a well respected and well known individual who would impress the reader.

The reader can contact a referee immediately to check you out.

If you have not been in paid employment, references may lend weight to your case.


References may be seen as irrelevant at this stage of the application.

They use up valuable space on your cv.

They may need to be changed frequently depending on the job you apply for.

If you are not able to include your current employer they may lack some credibility.


Colin Burrows reaches a decision. :

Colin has written his profile and identified his key skills and achievements.


A qualified management accountant, FCMA and experienced financial / secretarial administrator in both large and medium sized companies…

Experienced in meeting strict deadlines through effective communication skills and personal commitment to the job


Colin's profile reflects his experience in accounting and as a financial / secretarial administrator. Colin wanted to move away from accountancy, but needed to review his options. Before doing so, he had to consider the following.

Am I prepared to retrain?

At my age, can I afford to make a career change?

Am I prepared to join a company at a significantly lower level than my previous one in the hope of working my way up? (Colin could not expect to make a career change and yet stay in the same position as he had within his accountancy roles.)

Colin has therefore decided to stay in the accountancy / financial sector and his profile reflects this. It also demonstrates that….

He has achieved success in his career to date, being a qualified management accountant.

He has experience in medium and large size businesses. (This may be an issue if Colin applies to smaller companies and one he must be prepared to address.)

He is able to work to deadlines and is an effective communicator who brings personal commitment to a job.

Colin's profile contains specific information that would be of interest to certain sectors, ie his accountancy and administration back-ground. The inclusion of the initial FCMA also assumes the reader is familiar with such terminology.

Action points : Resume References

Purchase some quality A4 paper (85 gsm minimum).

Whichever layout you decide on, make sure your CV is clear and easy to read.

Compile your personal profile - a summary of your main selling points.

\, Complete your career history exercise and identify your skills and achievements.

Assess which of your hobbies and interests to include in your CV.

Identify any training courses completed and locate relevant certificates if applicable.

Consider whom to approach to act as a referee if required.

Points to consider : Resume References

How comfortable do you feel talking about your achievements?

What factors contribute to whether or not it is wise for you to make a career change?

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