Resume Sample

Resume Sample : Throughout this page, we will be following the experiences of four people who all require a CV.

Here is an introduction to them.

Introducing Clare Griffiths :

Clare is 37 years old and wants to return to work, having left banking eight years ago to start a family. Having conducted a personal stock take, Clare identified her main skills as follows.

• encouraging others

• resolving conflict

• teaching / training

• talking to others in authority

• letter writing

• budgeting

Before the exercise, Clare had labelled herself as a housewife and mother. Her main fears were.

I don't want to return to banking so what else can I do?

I have not worked for eight years, so what relevant skills have I to offer?'

The exercise showed Clare that a number of her main skills have been developed outside the work place, whilst raising two children and organising a busy household. She has also written to and met her local MP regarding the lack of child care facilities in the area.

The exercise also identified a traimng need in the area of word processing/basic computer skills.

Introducing Brian lynch

Brian is 41 and has worked as a supervisor for British Coal for nine years. He joined the mine when he left school and has reached a senior position of colliery official. Brian identified his main skills as follows.

• motivating people

• making repairs

• dealing assertively with people

• talking to people in authority

• planning

• coming up with solutions or new ideas

• improvising

Brian's main concerns were….

Employers have negative perceptions of miners.

People do not appreciate the work done in a mine and the skills required. This is a Resume Sample.

Brian realises it will be important to emphasise his managerial skills in his CV. If people have a stereotyped view of miners it will be important that Brian's CV communicates in a language they understand without constant reference to mining.

Introducing Joanne Taylor

Joanne is 22 and recently graduated from university. She worked in a large department store between school and university. Her degree was combined with a social work qualification; however, she now wishes to pursue a career ill personnel management. Her main concerns were.

Have I wasted the last four years because I don't want to go into social work?

I seem to lack business experience and commercial awareness.

Graduate jobs are scarce and I will be competing against those with more relevant degrees. Joanne identified her main skills as….

• public speaking

• talking to people in authority

• motivating others

• drama

• keeping accounts

• creative writing

• solving problems

The exercise, on resume sample, helped Joanne look beyond her course. Her placement as a probation officer gave her experience of dealing with a wide range of people and her role as rowing club treasurer gave her experience of book keeping. She enjoys speaking to large groups of people which she experienced during her involvement with the Student Union.

Her work experience before attending university also developed her maturity and was a taste of the commercial world. Joanne also admits to having a blinkered approach to her background, having a tendency to view things negatively and ignore the positive aspects.

Introducing Colin Burrows

Colin is 46 and a management accountant. He has just been made redundant after a company takeover. Colin has worked in accountancy since leaving school. He now wants a job outside accountancy.

Colin's concerns are….

How many companies will even consider me at my age?

Will 1 be seen as once an accountant always an accountant?

I have always worked for larger companies. But it is the smaller ones that are now expanding. As a specialist in a particular field, will my experience within a large organisation be relevant to a small business?

Colin completed the exercise and identified his main skills as follows.

• diagnosing faults or causes of problems

• planning

• organising people

• listening to others

• encouraging others

• dealing assertively with others

• setting up new systems and procedures

• budgeting

As Colin is keen to find employment within an administrative function, he has highlighted an additional skill, setting up new systems and procedures. This is a Resume Sample.

Colin now feels more confident that a career change is possible, but the key will be how well his CV communicates his experience and highlights the skills not normally attributed to those in accountancy.


1 Focus on your skills and not your job titles.

2 Complete the exercise in identifying your skills.

3 Discuss your findings with someone who knows you well. How do they rate you?

4 Review your achievements in relation to work, leisure and the home. Which have given you most satisfaction overall? This is a Resume Sample.

5 Write down your skills and achievements on a piece of a card/paper, so you can refer to them quickly.

6 Are there any skill areas you would like to have been more proficient in? What steps can you take to improve these skills?

Points to consider

How would you describe your attitude towards yourself and your future?

Which would you consider more important - how others see you or how you see yourself?

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