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Resume Services Writing : Your CV and covering letter have opened the door and you have an interview.


Your CV and covering letter have opened the door and you have an interview. You can already conclude that they like what they see and want to know more.

By asking you for an interview, the interviewer is likely to have a number of questions that need satisfying.

Is this person as good as their CV indicates?

Are they able to expand on the information in their CV?

Can they back up statements of achievements?

How well will they come across during a face to face?

Can I see this person doing the job?

What is their appearance like?

Am I convinced they are telling the truth?

Can they tell me more about what is not included in their CV - family details, reasons for leaving a job?

The last thing we want to do is create one impression with our CV and then a completely different one at the interview.

How can we avoid this happening?

Firstly, when we write our CV, it should be…



And just as important

written by ourselves.

Although we may receive some help in writing our CV, ultimately it is our document that advertises us. If we are not careful, someone else writing it for us could…

distort the truth

oversell us

use inappropriate language we are not comfortable with.

Remember, it is you who has to attend the interview, not the CV writer!

Ask for help and advice, but remember, it is important that you are able to answer the following.

Can I justify every word on this CV?

Is this a fair reflection of me?

Am I comfortable with the language used?

As previously mentioned, at times we may have a tendency to undersell ourselves. That is why it is helpful to get the input of others. But beware of going from one extreme to another, from “I am worthless and hopeless. I can't do anything' to “I am perfect.

How come this company has survived so long without me?'

Once you have completed your CV, go through each statement and make sure you are able to do the following.

Give specific and if possible, recent examples to back up each statement.

Produce any evidence, eg certificates and testimonials, as validation.

If you are able to justify your statements, you achieve the following…

You show you prepared thoroughly.

The interviewer is likely to be convinced that you are telling the truth.

By giving examples and evidence, you make the statements on your CV create the impression on the interviewer. They are both believable and memorable.

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