Resume Template Microsoft Word

Resume Template Microsoft Word :

986 Linden Blvd.
Elkhart, IN 46515

February 8 - 1997

Ms. Florence McNeil
Vice President-Finance
Dollarco, Inc.
7316 Lafollette Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46263

Dear Ms. McNeil,

As an experienced professional with excellent quantitative skills, I am interested in becoming a fmancial analyst at Dollarco. I am attracted to your firm because of the praise you have received in The WaU Street Journal and from professionals I have met in seven years as a financial analyst

Here are some of the abilities I can contribute to Dollarco.

Corporate experience : Five years in the finance department of Milwaukee Power and two years in the treasury department at Cheese Products, Inc.

Research : Proven ability to fmd sources, ask the right questions and evaluate the implications of data.

Conununications skills : Received praise from employers for written reports and oral presentations.

Familiarity with leasing services : Gained through recent work experience.

A career in financial analysis with Dollarco appeals to me for several reasons. First, I would enjoy using my quantitative and analytical skills in a business where fmancial expertise is critical to success. Second, the leasing industry is particularly interesting to me. As DoUar Today magazine put it, "Leasing may be the wave of the future in a rapidly changing world." Third, my research indicates that Dollarco has the kind of working environment where I can succeed professionally.

I hope that we can meet to discuss the contributions I can make to Dollarco, even if you don't have a position available at present. Because child-rearing responsibilities are no longer a factor, I am eager to resume my career as a financial analyst. Next week I will call you to arrange for a meeting at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Gabrielle Feldman

New material : Your cover letter can include material of interest to an employer that would be difficult to present in a resume. Your motivation for wanting to work for that particular company is an example.

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