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Resume Writing Advice : So the use of headings, bullet points and bold lettering can all play their part in helping to achieve this.


One of the main talking points around CVs is how long they should be. It is helpful firstly to answer the following.

Does my CV give enough information to the reader?

Have I been able to portray fully my skills and achievements?

Am I getting interviews?

The third question is perhaps the most vital one. Ultimately, if you are not gaining interviews…

You are applying for the wrong types of jobs.

Your CV needs changing.

You need to adopt different strategies for using your CV.

It is difficult to say categorically how long your CV should be. The readers of your CV have different preferences. However, here are some guidelines from my experience.

Most people agree that there is no need for a CV to be any longer than three pages - and quite often two pages is enough. To some extent, this will depend on the size of type face and how spread out your information is. There are those that argue that a one-page CV proves most successful and that it should be possible to include all relevant information on one page. Certainly, if the reader is inundated with CVs and only has to glance through one page of yours, this may be an advantage. However, I have seen no evidence to suggest that someone is more likely to succeed with a job application if they have a one-page CV as opposed to a two or three-page one.

Those are some general guidelines, although I am sure you will find….some recruiter somewhere who is a fan of the six-page CV. The key is to concentrate on what you want to tell the reader and then decide how long your CV will be.


The length of your CV will depend on how you decide to layout your information and also on which one of the three styles you choose to use. When someone sees your CV for the first time, they will begin to form a strong impression immediately. This will be influenced by….

The quality of paper used

How neatly the CV is presented

Whether or not the CV is clear and easy to read

The reader does not want….

Eye strain from trying to decipher a mass of words crammed onto a single sheet of paper

To be faced with a seemingly never-ending document that fails to get to the point and does not give them the information they require.


Your CV must look good visually and be easy to follow.

So the use of headings, bullet points and bold lettering can all play their part in helping to achieve this.

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