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Resume Writing Samples : Keep information and elements at the left margin. Centering, columns and even indenting may change when the resume is optically scanned.


Because there are many details to consider in writing a resume that will be posted or transmitted on the Internet or one that will be scanned into a computer when it is received, we suggest that you refer to the Guide to Internet Job Searching -, by Frances Roehm and Margaret Dikel. However, here are some brief general guidelines to follow if you expect your resume to be scanned into a computer.

Use standard fonts in which none of the letters touch.

Keep in mind that underlining, italics and fancy scripts may not scan well.

Use boldface and capitalization to set off elements. Again, make sure letters don't touch. Leave at least a quarter inch between lines of type.

Keep information and elements at the left margin. Centering, columns and even indenting may change when the resume is optically scanned.

Do not use any lines, boxes, or graphics.

Place the most important information at the top of the first page. If you use two pages, put Page 1 of 2 at the bottom of the first page and put your name and Page 2 of 2 at the top of the second page.

List each telephone number on its own line in the header.

Use multiple keywords or synonyms for what you do to make sure your qualifications will be picked up if a prospective employer is searching for them. Use nouns rather than verbs that are keywords for your profession.

Be descriptive in your titles. For example, don't just use "assistant" - use "legal office assistant."

Make sure the contrast between print and paper is good. Use a high-quality laser printer and white or very light colored 8-by-ll-inch paper.

Mail a high-quality laser print or an excellent copy. Do not fold or use staples as this might interfere with scanning. You may, however, use paper clips.

In addition to creating a resume that works well for scanning, you may want to have a resume that can be E-mailed to reviewers. Because you may not know what word processing application the recipient uses, the best format to use is ASCII text. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Exchange. It allows people with very different software platforms to exchange and understand information. (E-mail operates on this principle.) ASCII is a simple, text-only language which means you can include only simple text. There can be no use of boldface, italics or even paragraph indentations.

To create an ASCII resume, just use your normal word processing program. When finished, save it as a text only document. You will find this option under the save or save as command. Here is a list of things to avoid when crafting your electronic resume.

Tabs. Use your space bar. Tabs will not work.

Resume Writing Samples.....Any special characters, such as mathematical symbols.

Word wrap. Use hard returns (the return key) to make line breaks.

Centering or other formatting. Align everything at the left margin.

Bold or italics fonts. Everything will be converted to plain text when you save the file as a text only document.

Check carefully for any mistakes before you save the document as a text file. Check spelling and proofread it several times. Then ask someone with a keen eye to go over it again for you.

Remember: The key is to keep it simple. Any attempt to make this resume pretty or decorative may result in a resume that is confusing and hard to read. After you have saved the document, you can cut and paste it into an E-mail or onto a website.

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