Sales Job Interview Questions

Sales Job Interview Questions :

What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

Bad Answer : I never finished law school and everything that’s happened since has taught me that giving up, just because the going gets tough, is a huge mistake.

You don’t want to actually highlight a major regret especially one that exposes an overall dissatisfaction with your life. Instead, focus on a smaller, hut significant, mishap and how it has made you a better professional.

Good Answer : When I was in college, I took an art class to supplement my curriculum. I didn’t take it very seriously and assumed that, compared to my Engineering classes, it would be a walk in the park. My failing grades at midterm showed me otherwise. I’d even jeopardized my scholarship status. I knew I had to get my act together. I spent the rest of the semester making up for it ended up getting a decent grade in the class. I learned that no matter what I’m doing, I should strive to do it to the best of my ability. Otherwise, it’s not worth doing at all.

How do you explain your gap in employment?

Bad Answer : I was so tired of working and I needed a break…. or …I just can’t find a job.

Employment gaps are always tough to explain. You don’t want to come across as lazy or unhireahle. Find a way to make your extended unemployment seem like a choice you made based on the right reasons.

Good Answer : My work is important to me. So I won’t be satisfied with any old job. Instead of rushing to accept the first thing that comes my way, I’m taking my time and being selective to make sure my next role is the right one.

When were you most satisfied in your job?

Bad Answer : I was most satisfied when I did well and got praised for my work.

Do not give vague answers. Instead, think about something you did well - and enjoyed -that will be relevant at this new job. This is an opportunity for you to share your interests, prove that you’re a great fit for the job and showcase your enthusiasm.

Good Answer : I’m a people person. I was always happiest - and most satisfied – when I was interacting with customers, making sure I was able to meet their needs and giving them the best possible customer experience. It was my favorite part of the job and it showed - I was rated as Good or Excellent - 95% of the time. Part of the reason I’m interested in this job is that I know I’d have even more interaction with customers on an even more critical level.

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