Sales Letter

Sales Letter :

Dear Sir,

A picture of a turkey in your window may be attractive, but the crowd watches the live turkey that moves around. Handkerchiefs in a window are not extraordinary, but a dealer kept them flying with an electric fan and got a big audience.

What are you going to put in your window to make it different from the other fellow's and draw the big crowd? There is need for something unusual to get attention to your window in holiday times because then everybody works overtime on his display. There's red-hot window display competition during December.

Something moving will do more to draw people right up to the plate glass and keep them there than the most beautiful still life setting. The eye loves motion and seeks it.

With a lot of fine windows besides your own, make yours stand out with a snappy moving object. The Dealers' Service Department has the live object for you. It's exclusively for the Good Housekeeping Stores too.

We have bought several hundred motion displays at $4 each. They are worth $25 when bought one at a time. But we turn them over to you at the price we pay, $4. And besides, we pay the transportation charges. This is part of the service to Good Housekeeping Stores.

Read every word of the enclosed folder…then take advantage of this good offer before all the displays are snapped up. They are moving fast. Use the coupon on the last page of the folder. Fill it out and mail it today.

Yours very truly.

This letter is a model for its purpose. It was sent out by the Dealers' Service Bureau of a standard magazine. Note how cleverly it introduces the subject of more effective window trims….how it elaborates on the problem of window trimming in general and then offers a solution that is logical and attractive. The close is made strong, so that the reader will be induced to take immediate action. This letter will bear careful study, for it consistently observes the rules of good salesmanship.

Sales Letter :

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