Sales Letter

Sales Letter :

Dear Sir,

Have you thought that because your house was not wired for electricity you must forever continue doing without the convenience of electrical lights?

If that's the way you look at it, you will be surprised when we say that we will put our service into your kitchen, install a sixty candle-power Uaeda lamp just where you want it and give you an electric flatiron for $12.

This, without a doubt, is a tremendous lot for the money, but we want to make sure you are given the opportunity of enjoying the great convenience and wonderful benefits of electricity. And you need not fear that in having this service installed you will have to put up with a lot of trouble and money. Your house will not be disturbed or mutilated. The electricians will spend only a few minutes in your kitchen putting in the necessary wires. These will be entirely concealed within the wall and ceiling. Only the neat fixtures will show. The workmen will clean up any small evidence of their work as they go.

Doesn't this proposition interest you – a complete kitchen service for $12 and twelve months to pay for it - Just a dollar each month?

We believe it does, so we are enclosing a card to make it convenient for you to request a call from our Mr. Smith. He will be glad to explain everything that has not been made clear — with no obligation to you.

Sign and drop the card into the handiest mail box — that's all.

Yours very truly.

Here is a letter used by an electric company to secure the introduction of electricity into the homes of non-users. It contains all the elements of salesmanship that have been outlined. From the opening, which touches upon a vital point in the mind of house owners, through the description of the proposition, the logical arguments in its favor, the persuasive answer to the fear of muss and trouble, the reader is lead irresistibly to the close and the inducement to take action — to ask Mr. Smith to call.

Sales Letter :

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