Sales Resume Cover Letter

Sales Resume Cover Letter :

1436 Twin City Center
St. Paul, MN 54144

February 1 - 1997

Ms. Roberta Steel
Vice President, Marketing
Toddler Toys, Inc.
5678 Play land Rd.
Providence, RI 02768

Dear Ms. Steel,

I am interested in joining Toddler Toys, Inc., as a product manager. My interest in this field has developed in the course of my marketing experience with a consumer products firm over the last five years. Some of the qualifications I can offer your company are….

A solid knowledge of marketing : I have spent several years analyzing marketing data and working with managers to bring projects from inception to completion.

A record of accomplisliment : For example, in my current position I have played a key role in establishing two new products as serious competitors in their field.

An ambition to succeed : I have been promoted three times in four years.

Excellent communication skills - both written and oral : I write a monthly column for a community newspaper and have given numerous presentations to the Chamber of Commerce.

Knowledie of key aspects of the toy industry, based on extensive research into consumer demographics.

Mv interest in product management stems from my desire to utilize my talents in the broader context that the position offers a marketing professional. I am interested in the toy industry in particular because of the unique challenge posed by haying children as consumers but having adults paying the bills. By the way… I have family in New England, so relocating poses no problem.

My resume is enclosed. On February 8, I will contact your office to see if a meeting can be arranged at your convenience.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Lauren Giovanni

Enclosure : Resume

New material : Your cover letter can include material of interest to an employer that would be difficult to present in a resume. Your motivation for wanting to work for that particular company is an example.

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