Sample Business Cover Letter

Sample Business Cover Letter :

So far, we have seen how we learned to write a good cover letter and how to amend a prototype letter so that it could be sent to many potential employers. But how is it possible to identify those employers? That is the topic of this page.

Gabrielle volunteered for the task of identifying potential employers. Remembering the research other members had done before writing their cover letters, Gabrielle decided that she, too, would start in the reference section of her library. The reference librarian helped Gabrielle identify this reference as a helpful source.

There were three volumes in the set. "These would be good for my weight-training class," Gabrielle said as she measured their heft. "I wonder if I will be able to figure out how to use them."

Gabrielle realized that she needed to get an overview of what these volumes contained and how they were organized. She noted that the MDD had three criteria for inclusion. A firm must have....

250 or more employees at that location

$25 million or more in sales volume

Tangible net worth greater than $500,000

Gabrielle made a note to find out the meaning of "tangible net worth" a.nd then she whistled through her teeth: There are over 160,000 companies listed in this directory and that doesn't include businesses like my Aunt Dot's print shop, which has 100 employees.

With a combination of awe and concern Gabrielle considered her next step. I have got to find an organizing principle for this material," she said to herself. Luckily,

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