Sample Cover Letter for Job

Sample Cover Letter for Job : Credibility - namely, the quality that says I can believe what I read, see or hear - is important. We need to address that issue head-on.

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There are three key questions, as an employer, I ask myself when I receive a cover letter.

First, does she / he have what we need? If the writer lets me know that she / he has several positive characteristics we need, I am impressed. Most people have many positive characteristics. But it is your responsibility to identify several that are important to us. If you do, that is a strong reason to take you seriously.

Second, why is this person writing to us? We get plenty of job applications. But most seem to know nothing about us. You will stand out above them if you can let me know what it is about working specifically for us that's appealing to you. Similarly, I like to see in a cover letter that you have a realistic sense of direction in your career. Otherwise, all you are saying is "Help, I need a job."

Third, can you communicate in writing? Communication is a critical skill in any business today. My counterparts in the nonprofit sector will tell you the same thing. Your cover letter is presumably an example of your written communication at its best. Therefore, if you write well, I am more likely to want to see you.

How long do you spend reading a typical cover letter?

Usually less than a minute…. Sometimes a lot less….

That's awful! I just spent four years in college and we get maybe a minute with our cover letter?

It's even more awful for me. After five years of hard work, I deserve more attention than that!

That is the reality…. awful or not. Besides, it is not so harsh as it may seem If you have something attractive to tell us, you can usually get it across in a minute or less. If you have nothing to say or you just can't deliver the message quickly, you haven't earned an interview anyway.

One key issue we need to consider is establishing credibility.

Credibility - namely, the quality that says I can believe what I read, see or hear - is important. We need to address that issue head-on.

In short, you can establish credibility in two ways.

First, by linking your talents and wants to the firm's needs and characteristics….

Second, by supporting your statements with good examples….

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