Sample Interview Question

Sample Interview Question :

First impressions matter. It can be the factor that determines whether you have got the job or not. It is imperative that the first impression that the interviewer receives is positive. According to a study by Professor Albert Mehrabian in his book Silent Messages, 55% of the first impression one has of another person is visual-how the individual looks.

An individual who is well-groomed and appropriately garbed sends a powerful message across-that of a person who is confident and in command. On the other hand, a person in a crumpled suit or badly worn clothes sends an equally powerful message-that he is messy, a possible loser and other negatives. Looking harried and unprofessional will negate or drain away your personal power and positive impact. Appearing stressed, rumpled or haggard downgrades your professional image. Portraying a stressed image-regardless of how hard you work or how smart you are - puts you at the risk of damaging your professional reputation, of hitting a wall in your career, of impeding your success potential, of not getting the job you want.

According to a survey conducted of 1,250 interviewers, the applicants' looks influenced 75% of employment decisions. If the applicant is well-dressed, the start-up salary can be between 8% to 20% higher than that of another who is not so well-dressed. That is quite significant. It is important to remember that to succeed in an interview and later to get ahead (and to stay there) in any career, attention must be paid to your workplace image as it is a powerful communicator. The non-verbal messages that your image sends can work on your behalf or against you.

Grooming :

How often have you been repulsed by the body odour of the person you are standing next to or by his bad breath - breath that reeks of garlic and onions or rotting food? These leave a bad feeling / impressi on.

Grooming matters. The more immaculate you look the better and greater the impression one has of you.

Good grooming is how you look, how you present yourself. A clean, neat appearance inspires confidence, whereas a rumpled one does not. A rumpled, unkempt appearance is acceptable or tolerated in eccentrics or geniuses, but not in executives. An executive must be smartly turned out, in good clothes and with a clean appearance. There is a very well-known tax consultant who appears in crumpled casual clothes. He does not cut or comb his hair often and comes to meetings unshaven. Yet he is sought after and highly regarded. This is because he is a genius in his field and people seek him and associate with him for his intellect. There is a well-known artist who wanders the world barefoot and goes anywhere he pleases (apart from, I read - several years ago - a club that asked him to leave). This is a similar situation of a genius being given its due. Others need to conform until they reach that eminence.

What should one do? There are several ways of making yourself appear well-tumed-out and create a good impression.

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