Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions :

Salary :

If you know what you are willing to accept as salary and what the market pays, using a salary range should permit you to be negotiable.

If the figure you have quoted seems higher to the employer, and you want to negotiate on the issue, try to elaborate on the compensation issue. The amount I mentioned was what I would like, but there are other considerations and other amounts that I would accept. This would take into consideration all the benefits, my review date and other elements (bonus, ease of commute). Then you could restate your interest in the company/job and what you are suited for it.

You should convey that compensation is a necessity but not you prime motivator.

Closing :

Employers may end the interview with open-ended question that can give you an opportunity to emphasise your suitability for the position.

1. Is there anything you'd like to address?

2. Have we missed something that you'd like to add?

3. Do you have anything to add?

4. Why do you think you are suitable for this position?

Summarise by emphasising on your qualifications as they apply to this job.

Think of what is needed to be successful in the job and how you specifically meet those needs. What are your key selling points? What are your core strengths? Is it communicating with children, being a mentor to other teachers, being able to keep topics current and interesting etc. Offer some proof from your past to support your claims. Plan this out ahead of time. Practice both answering and asking questions. Form your questions around research you've done about the company. Educated questions like, "What is the future of this company from your perspective?" or "Describe the corporate values of your company" are always appreciated.

Interviewers are especially impressed when they are asked questions that are based on something the interviewee read about the firm.

Your Question :

You will be asked at the end whether you have any query or whether there is something that needs to be clarified. This is your opportunity to clear doubts and also to show the interviewers that you have researched the company. You should remember that the sole purpose of attending the interview is not to convince the prospective employer that you are best suited for the job. Another important purpose is to be convinced that the position being advertised or for which you are being interviewed, suits you. It is important that you ask questions as it can also show your interest in the company. These can be on....

The company's future plans

The kind of people that succeed in the company

The position's potential for growth

The job description for the position

The size of the department

The work culture

The values the company thinks are important

Your Assessment :

Based on the questions that were asked, the manner in which they were asked and the way the interview was conducted, you should also assess the professionalism and the attitude of the company.

Did the interview start on time?

What were the interviewers like?

How were you received?

How were you treated?

What was their reaction to your answers?

How did they answer your questions?

Do you agree with the company's values and are they in alignment with your own?

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