Sample Job Interview Question

Sample Job Interview Question :

Do not wear your shoes for two consecutive days. You should air your shoes to get rid of foul smells. As both under and outer clothes absorb odours, underwear and shirts should be washed daily.

Hair :

We are all familiar with the term NOT A HAIR OUT OF PLACE. This is used to describe a person who is impeccably turned out. This is what one should aspire to. Hair should be combed and kept tidy. Unruly hair does not inspire confidence or indicate a sense of orderliness.

Shampoo your hair frequently. Try and keep it clear of dandruff. This is sometime easier said than done. An effective way is to use a good dandruff shampoo regularly and oil the hair. It is a good idea to wipe down your clothes before you leave for the interview to ensure there are no errant hairs or dandruff (snow) on your shoulders. If your hair is greasy, you should wash it every day (with a mild shampoo). If your hair is difficult to manage, use a conditioner.

A hairspray is a good idea as it keeps hair in place. It will add to your image.

You should not have to make excuses why your hair is not perfect (too long, unkempt or stringy). It must look good every day.

Another aspect you should heed is the style and length of your hair. In business circles, men with ponytails or very long hair are usually frowned upon. Men are usually expected to wear their hair off their neck. With regard to women, free-flowing hair may not be appropriate in a business environment. However, there is no need though to make it too severe. It should exude professionalism. Short, well-cut hair is usually appropriate. In more conservative industries like banking or finance, women are expected to wear their hair shoulder-length. An old-fashioned hairstyle that allows your hair to droop forcing an observer's eye downwards is ugly, Hair combed backward and upward win lift features. Hairstyle can soften or sharpen your image. You look less confident if you hide behind your hair with long strands over your face. Skinheads look aggressive because their hair is short and their face is on display. If a woman has short hair, an observer's attention will be on her make-up. Hair should not cover your eyes. It gives the impression that you may be trying to hide something.

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