Sample Letters for A Fundraising

Sample Letters for A Fundraising :

Telling your personal story, either through a letter or an email, is the best way to raise money. Why? Because asking is the key to fundraising and people give to people. Telling your story puts a face on your fundraising efforts.

Steps to Telling Your Story :

Your letter should be about 5 paragraphs and include the following elements.

1. Tell people why you are walking.

2. Tell people about YOUR VISION.

3. Ask them to support your fundraising efforts with a donation. State your personal fundraising goal.

4. Ask people to send money directly to you or donate online at Let them know that checks should be made payable to ABC CCCCCCC.

5. Thank people for their support. (And send them a thank you note after the walk!)

A sample letter and an email are included here to help you get started writing your personal story!

How to Tell Your Story :

Send a letter to family and friends. Try using your holiday card mailing list!

Include a self-addressed envelope to make it easy for people to respond.

To make it even easier, you could pre-stamp the envelope.

Send an email to everyone in your email address book.

Go to Click login. Choose your walk and enter your login and password.

Update your personal page by clicking the personal page link and following the simple instructions.

Tell your personal story and upload your own photo!

Upload your address book or enter each of your email contacts.

Click Email and choose the type of letter you’d like to send. A sample will be provided, but please add your personal touch.

Click preview to see what your email will look like.

Click send to deliver your email to friends and family.

With your help, a Cure is in Sight!

Sample Letters for A Fundraising

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