Sample Nursing Resume

Sample Nursing Resume :

She was a recent college graduate. She had majored in accounting and was interested in pursuing a business career where she could use her analytical skills. Although she was interested in several possible fields, we decided to focus on financial analysis for her first letter. Though she was a recent graduate, she had to address the four points. To help her plan her letter, drew a chart like the one below.

She realized that she wasn't going to be an obvious candidate for the job she wanted. She had never worked in fmancial analysis, even part-time. She had never been class president or earned a 4.0 GP A. However, she also realized that getting the interview would depend in part on her cover letter. She knew that the quality of her cover letter was one way to gain favorable recognition compared with her competitors. A clear, concise expression of her ability to meet an employer's needs-her positive characteristics and-a well-considered motivation would be important factors in getting invited to an interview.

Planning chart

Key ideas….Employer wants ((based on career research)….. I offer.

Positive characteristics…..Analytical for cash flow, Problem solving and Team Player…… Analyzed reasons (class projects), Solved student's conflicts and Work hard on time.

Motivation…..Job, Firm and Industry…..Apply talents, how interest developed, Situation specific, but learning and career growth a possibility and Presentations in class, term papers, quality cover letter

Employer will be concerned that I…. Addressed by

Credibility gap….Lack financial analysis experience, am just looking for any job, Am not mobile and Have positive characteristics, Show attraction to specific situation and will relocate.

Eager to write a perfect cover letter, she said she would be meticulous and make sure that every word she put on paper would be just right I said I hoped not.

But don't we need to write a dynamite cover letter?

Yes. The fmal product should be as perfect as you can make it. But your initial draft should just get your thoughts down on paper.

The draft cover letter she wrote appears. The brackets indicate what she would do to make her letter appropriate to a specific firm.

When she brought in her draft, we developed a checklist as a guide for identifying possible improvements.

• Did I show my positive characteristics in the best possible light?

• Is my motivation clear?

• Is my letter a good example of my communication skills?

• Have I bridged my credibility gap?

She wrote her draft in a generic form. That is, she has decided to leave out examples of firm-specific sentences from her prototype. However, she will put firm-specific sentences in the letters she actually sends out.

I reviewed the letter with her against the criteria we had established and made some suggestions.

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