Sample of A Resume

Sample of A Resume : You may be responding to a specific advert or enquiring about future vacancies. Alternatively, you may wish to offer your services as a self employed person.

Example layout of a covering letter

Name, title and address of the person you are writing to

Your address including postcode and telephone number

Date :

Dear ……,

Title of the Job

Content of the Letter

Yours Sincerely, (If Dear Mr. / Mrs. )
Your Faithfully, (If Dear Sir / Madam,)


Print Your Name

A positive covering letter should….

• be written or typed on good quality paper.

• be well laid out and easy to follow.

• arouse interest as an introduction to your CV.

• be free from typing or spelling mistakes.

• sell you by highlighting key points relevant to the reader's requirements.

• create a positive impact.

Many people will be able to layout the letter in the correct way and even present it neatly. However, the main stumbling block comes when writing the contents of the letter. What should be included in this section? The following is a guide which can be adapted accordingly.

Reason for writing

You may be responding to a specific advert or enquiring about future vacancies. Alternatively, you may wish to offer your services as a self employed person. Whatever the case, set out your stall from the start.

Refer to your CV and emphasise relevant points

Highlight and elaborate on points in your CV that directly relate to the advert. Do not simply re-hash your CV. However, do not be afraid to repeat certain statements. If your letter is not related to a specific position, then this section will be more general.

Personality : Sample of A Resume

Although this is not easy to convey on paper, weave into your letter phrases that express your personality. You may include similar statements to those in your profile. Relate these aspects of your personality to the role in question.

Polite and positive ending

Do not end your letter in an abrupt fashion.

Why are you sending this letter with your CV?

In order to gain an interview or meeting….Therefore, end your letter on a positive and polite note.

For example :

I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience you require and look forward to the opportunity of discussing the position in more detail.


I hope to hear from you shortly.

A good covering letter will not compensate for a poor CV. It will, however, add to the overall impression of your application. The letter is likely to be read before your CV. How the reader views your letter will influence his/her reading of your CV. Although we cannot be sure how much attention will be given to our letter, our aim must be to present a professional and positive letter that makes the reader think.

Very impressive…. Their CV should make interesting reading.

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