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Sample of Resume : When contacting an agency we can afford to be more up front and direct about our position and objectives. A more softly softly approach is usually best when approaching a company or personal contact.


Having explored a number of ways of tapping into the unadvertised jobs market, the next question is what approach to take. You have four options.

Ring the company / person / agency and arrange a meeting.

Visit the company/person / agency on speculation.

Write to the company / person / agency and follow up with a phone call to arrange a meeting.

Register your details on-line with any of the job agency Internet sites. Job sites such as Monster Board, Top Jobs on the Net and Stepstone all advertise jobs. By registering your details with them you are also reaching potential employers. Some sites allow employers to search their sites for suitable candidates. By registering, sites can also automatically e-mail you details of any new jobs which fall within your particular requirements.

Whichever approach you take your CV will ultimately be the key to open the door.

If you phone ….The person may say… well send me your CV.

IJ you visit ….The person may say ….let me see your CV or leave your CV with me.

IJ you write ….This is the approach most people feel comfortable with. When we write, we would enclose our CV.

We looked at the importance of covering letters. Our approach in writing on a speculative basis will be different in some ways as we are not responding to a particular advert. It will also vary depending on who we are writing to. Bearing in mind the points also consider the following.

When writing to a company….

Write to a named person and use their correct job title.

Outline your reasons for writing and enclose a CV.

Sell your skills and experience rather than enquire about a specific position.

Suggest a meeting not an interview.

Commit yourself to taking follow up action by suggesting you will follow up with a phone call.

When writing to a contact….

Be open about your reasons for writing.

Enclose your CV and invite opinions on it.

Ask for help and advice in your job search as opposed to asking for a job.

Suggest a meeting or phone call.

Keep the letter low key and friendly.

When writing to an agency…Sample of Resume

State your reasons for writing.

Enclose a CV that highlights your broad range of skills (a functional CV may be your best option).

Outline where you are prepared to work.

Indicate the kind of company you would envisage working for, eg size, type of business etc.

Give a salary range.

Tell them you will ring to follow this letter up.

When contacting an agency we can afford to be more up front and direct about our position and objectives. A more softly softly approach is usually best when approaching a company or personal contact.

Remember as our personal requirements and objectives differ, so too will our approach. We have outlined some guidelines for you to follow, but each approach will vary according to your own individual situation.

Beware of e-mailing your CV speculatively.

Technology may in some cases have decreased the amount of hard copy (ie paper format) we receive. But it has also increased the amount of information we receive. It is not uncommon for managers to receive 50 e-mails a day. Pressing the delete button takes even less time than finding a bin! Therefore, in your speculation, stick to the more traditional approaches.

It's easier to press a delete button than it is to say no to a person.

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