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Sample Professional Resume : More and more organisations, particularly job agencies, are asking individuals to e-mail their CVs. The advantage to you is primarily…


Your CV gets to the recruiter more quickly.

You save on postage and paper.

However, beware of the following when sending your CV as an attachment.

The receiver may be concerned that an attachment may contain viruses.

The receiver may not possess the appropriate software to open your attachment. Technology may alter the style, format and layout of your CV.

If the organisation you are applying to does not accept attachments or is unable to open them, then I suggest you cut and paste your text file CV into the bottom of the e-rnail itself.

Remember, applying over the Internet should not alter the style of your CV. The methodology you use to communicate may change, but what you communicate doesn't need to.

ANALYSING A JOB ADVERT : Sample Professional Resume

Much of the content of our letter will be determined by what is in the advert. Unfortunately, not all adverts are very helpful to the reader. They can….

• be vague and lacking in detail concerning the position.

• omit key requirements of the job.

• misinform or mislead.

• make extravagant claims regarding earnings.

• give little or no detail about the organisation.

Sometimes it may be possible to telephone the organisation for more information. When this is not possible, we must simply do the best we can with the information we have. However, a poor advert may be sending you signals about the organisation and their professionalism.

LOOKING AT SOME EXAMPLES : Sample Professional Resume

A sample job advertisement

Example : 1 - Sample Professional Resume

Production Supervisor Required for The Manning Metal Group

We are a large and growing organisation with a £20m per annum turnover. We operate on a global level, producing and distributing metal products throughout the world.

Due to our expansion we now require a Production Supervisor who is able to deliver results in a manufacturing environment. Applications are welcome from people able to demonstrate a successful track record to date in manufacturing. A hands on approach, excellent management and problem solving skills are also necessary. Qualifications are desirable but not essential.

Please write with CV to :

The Managing Director
The Manning Metal Group
Hounslow Road

This advert gives the reader a fair degree of information. The question is, when responding to such an advert, where do you begin.

Firstly, underline or highlight the key words in the advert, stating what the company requires from the applicant. You may find it helpful to write it down as follows.

They require…


_ I've got….


Having done this, you may decide you do not have the experience or skills required. If you do have appropriate skills or experience, you are in a position to outline in your letter how these match their requirements. You may also want to tailor your CV accordingly.

The key requirement needed by someone applying for this job would be.

1 Ability to deliver results in a manufacturing environment

2 Successful track record in manufacturing

3 Hands on approach

4 Excellent man management skills

5 Excellent problem solving skills

6 Qualifications desirable but not essential

We also know from the advert….

The name and annual spend of the company

What the company does and where its markets are.

These factors will influence our reply. However, it is important that we address the specific requirements of the applicant.

Our letter must therefore demonstrate….

A successful track record in manufacturing with an emphasis on achieving results

A hands on approach

Excellent man management and problem solving skills

Although the company requires a production supervisor, this is only the title they give to the position. It may well be that the successful applicant is able to demonstrate all the necessary skills and experience but had a different job title. The key in analysing an advert is to pay attention to the skills and experience required for the job, not just to the job title.

The advert also states that qualifications are desirable but not essential. In my experience, if you do not possess all the essential requirements, you are unlikely to be successful in your application. However, words used such as 'ideally', 'preferably' and 'desirable' indicate that if you do not possess these requirements, it is still worth applying.

Example : 2 - Sample Professional Resume

Cashiers needed

Are you friendly, reliable and self motivated? Do you enjoy dealing with the public and have a flexible approach to work? Are you able to work under pressure using your own initiative?

If so, we require full time and part time cashiers to work within our busy 24 hour petrol station. You will be required to work shifts, including some weekends. Telephone and own transport are essential. Full training will be given.

Please apply in writing, enclosing CV to

Mrs S Johnson, Byron Garages, Luton Rd., Luton.

Applying the same method of analysis, the requirements would be…

I Friendly
2 Reliable
3 Self motivated
4 Enjoy dealing with the public
S Flexible approach to work
6 Able to work under pressure
7 Use own initiative

Our letter and CV must therefore demonstrate these qualities. This is not easy to do as requirements such as 'friendly' are difficult to express on paper and is a quality open to opinion rather than fact. However, if we are to have a chance of gaining an interview, we must demonstrate in writing our ability to do this job.

Analysing the advert will also help prepare us for our interview. The advert states what kind of person the organisation is looking for, so when it comes to the interview, it will be up to us to tailor our answers accordingly.

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