Sample Student Resume

Sample Student Resume :

David's draft

"I would like to become a member of the Sundance Marketing team because I perform best in fast-paced, creative work environments. Product management appeals to me because I enjoy the challenge of having responsibility for a project from start to fmish. In addition, I spent most of my childhood living in Waltham, and I plan to settle in that area."

Product managers generally have a start-to-finish responsibility, so David's expressed interest is right on target. Expressing a credible connection to a firm’s geography also makes sense if you are currently living elsewhere. Your childhood is a credible connection. Your favorite baseball team is not.

Jeannette's draft

"A career in fmancial analysis with Gauger Credit would be very appealing to me. It would enable me to pursue my interest in this field with a company praised by The WaU Street Journal as "a shining light in the world of corporate finance." In addition, I wish to work for a medium-sized company since that is an environment I have found conducive to gaining a broad perspective on an entire functional area."

Jeannette focuses on attributes of the company (The Wall Street Journal) medium-sized). She has clearly done her research and thought about the significance of the firm's size. Those are big pluses. Jeannette may not care about a firm's product or services as long as she can be in fmancial analysis. If a particular circumstance doesn't matter, say nothing rather than faking an interest.

Lauren was interested in applying talents developed in the for-profit sector to a nonprofit organization. But in an effort to show her connection to the group's cause, Lauren hurt herself.

In the following paragraph, Lauren forgot to balance her enthusiasm for the cause with a statement of interest in a particular job. She said a lot about whales, but nothing about the organization.

Lauren's ill-advised paragraph

"I have been a long-time devotee of whales. Last summer I went on six whale watches and sponsored a neighborhood showing of Save Whale. I am boycotting Norway and have picketed the Hartford Whalers hockey team. As a person who cheered when Captain Ahab got what was coming to him, I'm sure I would finally find a working home with Blubber Is My Brother."

Lauren has shown two potentially negative characteristics, an obsession with a subject and a discomfort with co-workers in the past (" ... fmally find a working home ... "). Lauren reconsidered the matter and redrafted her paragraph:

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