School fairs do not just organize themselves.

School fairs do not just organize themselves. : The first thing to do is to get as many people involved as you possibly can (which is often easier said than done).

Organizing a school fair will not be something which happens overnight, it will take months of planning, preparations and perseverance - but don’t allow that to put you off. Allow yourself plenty of time to get organized and enjoy yourself with it if you’ve been given the task of school fair organization or are saved to the committee for the fair then read on.

The first thing to do is to get as many people involved as you possibly can (which is often easier said than done). Your committee will need a chair person, a treasurer and a secretary and as many stall holders as you can manage to help things run smoothly.

Pick the date - you need to get a date which does not clash with lots of other festivals, fetes and fairs. If three local schools have their fair on the same afternoon nobody will almost certainly do adequately out of it. You also need to be sure that your chosen date doesn’t clash with any national or international events like major sports occasions.

Drawing a strategy - you have to develop a plan and map the venue for the fair and where each one of the stalls needs to be placed. Do not spread it around a lot of or it will probably be difficult to make the right kind of atmosphere; however you need lots of space for targeted traffic to get around each one of the stalls. You can display the map of your school fair at the entrance when the big day arrives or hand them out to visitors so that they can find their way around easily and quickly.

Stalls and Entertainment - try to get a good mix of entertainment and stalls stands with plenty of money and fun making opportunities for your cause. Some great ideas include cake stalls, “guess the name of . . . . “ or “guess how many candies in a jar” type stalls as well as the traditional tombola, spinning prize wheels raffles, arts, and crafts plus any type of lucky dip. You might also try a book tea, coffee and stall stall, dunk a teacher (a very fun and lucrative idea popular among the children), face painting, lucky plate, hair braiding, white elephant. There are some great ideas for money making games internet and don’t be scared to “pinch” ideas from successful fairs you’ve attended in the past.

If you don’t give it ample publicity well before the wedding day it won’t be a success, publicity - it doesn’t matter how well organized your school fair is. Display posters across the school and neighborhood to give everyone plenty of notice about the school fair, have a few mentions in the school newsletter and can include a sheet which has been designed specifically to promote the college fair. Before the fair, start this well in advance by using a countdown within the weeks.

Afterwards - it’s always nice to say due to the army of helpers necessary to make a school fair a hit so how about organizing a barbecue as well as other event which uses up any leftover food from the school fair. It’s also a good idea to write your own thank you letter to all of the helpers, or better still to get some of the children to write the letters with details about the primary events of the fair, the cash raised and what it will be used for etc.

There are some great ideas at which can help your school fair choose a swing.

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