School Secretary Cover Letter

School Secretary Cover Letter :

The Grocer Becomes the Stock Broker.

Positive characteristics needed :

Sales ability


Gain product knowledge



Positive characteristics I have :



Client base


Gained product knowledge




Persuaded suppliers to offer special discounts

Arranged aisles and advertising to bring in business

Civic & religious groups - business associations

12- to 14-hour days not uncommon

Mastered relevant facts about 5,000 items in store

Deal with abrasive suppliers, finicky customers and staff of mixed quality

Initiated numerous projects for store - hands-on businessman

He wanted to demonstrate that he was worth interviewing. To achieve that goal, he has shown that he has key positive characteristics needed for his intended profession of stockbroker. He had learned from his informational meetings that the ability to sell in a generally unstructured environment is a key to success. That's why he focused on hardworking, self-starter characteristics.

But selling was a sticking point. Supermarket merchandising is not sales in the stockbroker sense. He fmessed the issue in three ways. First, he formatted his letter so that he could highlight positive characteristics in an easily visible way. Second, his supporting examples indicate characteristics important to sales (persuasive ability, attract customer, thick-skinned). Third, he indicated a net-work of possible sales leads he could bring to the job.

He also needed to show that he was properly motivated. Notice that he didn't give any negative reason for leaving his current field, only positive ones for desiring stock brokerage. Further, the reason he gave was the main motive for anyone entering that field, namely a chance to earn a substantial income. However, for people interested in most other fields, mentioning money as a motivation would have a negative effect. His reference to that particular firm indicates a connection between his business experience and the firm's clients. If a particular firm's clients are not "small investors," He will need to show a connection to the firm through a revised statement.

The closing paragraph reflects his eagerness for a new profession, but no panicked hurry to leave his current one. That's important, because employers are less likely to interview someone who seems to be desperate.

His suggestion for a meeting even if no positions are available is a good one. It reflects a common sales technique of "Let's meet to explore ways." If he can arrange to meet even if no openings exist at present, he is ahead of the game if an opening develops in the future.

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