Selecting Prospective Buyers

Selecting Prospective Buyers :

You can collect addresses of the prospective buyers of the commodity from the following sources.

1. Enquiries from friends and relatives or other acquaintances residing in foreign countries

2. Visiting / participating in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in your country and abroad.

3. Contact with the Export Promotion Councils, Commodity Boards and other Government Agencies

4. Consulting International Yellow Pages (A Publication from New York by Dun & Bradstreet, USA or other Yellow Pages of different Countries like Japan, Dubai etc.)

5. Collecting addresses from various Private Publications Directories

6. Collecting information from International Trade Directories/ Journals Periodicals available in the libraries of Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics

7. Making contacts with Trade Representatives of Overseas Governments and Other Representatives / International Trade Development Authorities abroad

8. Reading biweekly, fortnightly, monthly bulletins such as Trade Journal, Export Service Bulletin, Bulletins and Magazines issued and published by Federation of Exporters' Organisations, ITPO, EPCs, Commodity Boards and other allied agencies

9. Visiting Embassies, Consulates etc. of other countries and taking note of addresses of importers for products proposed to be exported

10. Advertising in newspapers having overseas editions and other foreign newspapers and magazines etc.

II. Consulting TPO and IIFT

12. Contacting authorised dealers in foreign exchange with whom exporter is maintaining bank account.

13. Visiting popular Websites by making use of Internet Services

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